News Roundup: 2007/09/18

Here’s what’s happening lately:

  1. We have acquired some new recording equipment to allow us to produce new demos. There’s still some stuff left to buy, but we’re making progress on it.
  2. Andrew has a new Fender Blues DeVille amplifier. 1950s technology. Aglio e Olio.
  3. Jeff’s classic Silvertone 1485 amplifier has been repaired, giving us a some fantastic guitar tones and a true force to be reckoned with.
  4. Songwriting is moving along at a cracking pace, with Bobby Fischer almost in the books. The Silver Bullet is done, and Ideation is still a work in progress.
  5. Things slowed down on the gigging front over the summer, but we’re going to try to setup some live dates in the Boston area in the next couple of months.

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