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News Roundup: 2007/09/18

News Roundup: 2007/09/18 thumbnail Here’s what’s happening lately: We have acquired some new recording equipment to allow us to produce new demos. There’s still some stuff left to buy, but we’re making progress on it. Andrew has a new Fender Blues DeVille amplifier.

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Dr. Rhythm

Dr. Rhythm thumbnail The Voda equipment binge of 2007 continues: Jeff has purchased a Boss Dr. Rhythm drum machine.  I think it might be a DR-670, but the exact model number escapes me.

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Pod thumbnail Jeff picked up a Line6 Pod for Decent Rita studios. It’s already paying some dividends in terms of giving his lead guitar tones some more definition, resonance and personality. Plus, he’s coming through a lot more clearly in the mix now. It even makes my crummy amplifier sound respectable, which is no small feat. Says Jeff on the subject: “I made Andrew’s amp sound good through the power of my pod. I am Touchdown Jesus. And I just ordered a drum machine.” Indeed.

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