Fischer Random Chess

Fischer Random Chess

Our new EP, the self-produced Fischer Random Chess, is complete and available for purchase at all of our gigs for the low price of $3, about the price of one draught beer from the bar.

You can also purchase Fischer Random Chess in MP3 from the Voda Store on and from Amazon, iTunes, Rhapsody, and Napster. The MP3 album sells for $2.50 and individual tracks cost $0.75 each.

Recorded at Decent Rita Studios in the spring and summer of 2008, the release features four Voda favorites:

  1. Come On
  2. Rule 21
  3. Cartoon Hero
  4. Bobby Fischer

If you are interested in purchasing a copy of Fischer Random Chess and cannot get to a Voda show, please contact us and we can accommodate you. Mail-order prices are the same as above, except for a $2 shipping and handling charge.

Note: Complimentary promotional copies of Fischer Random Chess are available to media outlets and booking agencies upon request.

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