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Fischer Random Chess

Fischer Random Chess thumbnail Our new EP, the self-produced Fischer Random Chess, is complete and available for purchase at all of our gigs for the low price of $3, about the price of one draught beer from the bar. You can also purchase Fischer Random Chess in

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New Recordings

New Recordings thumbnail There are two new recordings on our MySpace page: “Cartoon Hero”, a new song. A Reduced Power version of “Reach Out”, which we’ve been playing at our shows. This one’s got a different time signature and lead guitar part. So go check ‘em out! We’ll have MP3 files up on the Audio page of soon.

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Reduced Power

Reduced Power thumbnail We’ve got a new project going on that we’re calling “Reduced Power.” It’s a series of recordings (and eventually shows, too) using cleaner instrumentation, simplified arrangements, and low-key performances. The first two are available on our MySpace page and on the Audio page here at There will be more of them to come later. We hope you enjoy the music. Thanks for listening

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(More) New Recordings!

(More) New Recordings! thumbnail We’ve posted a new song, “Bobby Fischer,” to the audio page of and to our MySpace page. As we announced a few days ago, another new song, “Rule 21,” is available for streaming and download from the same places. We hope you enjoy the new songs. Thanks for listening!

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New Recording

New Recording thumbnail There’s a new recording, “Rule 21,” up on our MySpace page.  Check it out!

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News Update: Jan. 20th, 2008

News Update: Jan. 20th, 2008 thumbnail So, it’s been about six weeks since our last show. Since then, it’s been a little quiet around here in terms of real news.  So here’s what we’ve been up to: We’ve put a considerable amount of time and energy into enhancing

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