Call Me Doctor, Part Two

On Wednesday, March 27, more updates were made to the tentatively-titled “Call Me Doctor”. Cory was present, and worked his usual magic.

Jeff kept on plugging away at his parts, and things are definitely taking shape on that front. It’s always fascinating to watch Jeff writing in parallel to you. He sort of plods around for a while, makes tentative gestures, scowls, and then he puts the guitar down. He’ll listen to the entire song without playing a single note. And, just when you think he’s completely disinterested in the song or feeling utterly uninspired, he’ll just pull something absolutely amazing out. I’ve long since given up on trying to do anything other than let him work at his own pace; the results are always worth it.

Dave once again filled in quite admirably on drums, and I wrote some scratch vocals to help give it form and structure for arranging purposes. It’s all pretty mutable at this point, but I’m feeling good about it. As Jeff put it, it’s getting close to being close.

Also, Voda is embarking on a bit of a gear-acquisition spree. More on that later.

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