Call Me “Doctor”

On March 21, Dave and Jeff I wrote the skeleton of a new song, the working title of which is “Call Me ‘Doctor’”. It’s an upbeat, rocking song. So far, no lyrics have been written, and there’s still a fair bit of work to be done. But we’ve got chord changes, some lead guitar parts, and a basic sense of rhythm and arrangement. Not bad for a Wednesday night.

Bonus points to Dave for filling in on drums for the session, and for making the remark that it’s the kind of song where you extend the intro or the bridge so that you can name the people in the band during a show. “Ladies and Gentlemen, on Bass Guitar…a man who needs no introduction…Cory Cocomazzi!”

Chances are, the title will be changed. There was a bit of discussion about using the titles of Ginn & Company grammar school literature textbooks as song titles. Mystery Sneaker? Helicopters and Gingerbread? Jeff thought it was all a bit Pavement. Upon further reflection, I thought it a bit Guided By Voices. Dave brought up “All of these things sink”, a rather oblique Lemonheads reference. Either way, I like the idea, but something tells me I’m not going to get my way on this one. “Yes, Andrew, it’s all very nice that you’ve found a niche…childhood is a lie…but are you taking it too far?” Jeff says. As if such a thing were possible!

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