Songwriting Update, July 25

On July 25th, we made a nice little bit of progress for ourselves after a few real world-induced weeks off. In addition to the usual rehearsal, we rearranged the order of songs for the setlist and made serious headway on two new/old songs:

Silver Bullets: A jangly rock song that was first conceived in 1999. We’ve been banging our heads against the wall with it for over eight years. After spending an unfathomable amount of time trying to build it up, we came to the realization that the song didn’t need a lot. So, what was originally intended as a guitar-orchestra epic eventually ended up as a tidy little pop song with a single lead line and a fuzz bass. And thunderous drums. But it’s ready now, and we couldn’t be happier.

Ideation: A dark number built around a chord progression and a lyrical sketch from 2004 or so. It’s starting to acquire a weird Chuck Berry vibe.

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