Bobby Fischer

On the evening of May 3, we got together and made significant progress on “Bobby Fischer.”  It’s definitely starting to resemble a song.  It’s still got a long way to go, but things are going well with it.  Hopefully most of the spy music aesthetic will make it through to the final product, but it’s still too early to say for sure.

Jeff’s been playing a big role in the thematic development on this one, which has been a blast; he usually leaves all of the lyrics and whatnot to me.  He came up with a fantastic idea: what if it was Bobby Fischer who’d played against the computer instead of Kasparov?  What would the implications of such an event be?  I’d had the title kicking around for a few years on a songwriting sketch that really didn’t deserve to see the light of day and mercilessly sounds nothing like the current piece.  So I’m very excited to finally put it to use in what’s shaping up to be a much better song than what I’d originally married to the title.

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