Songwriting Update, April 12

On April 12, we had another songwriting session, minus Dave, who was having car troubles.  Matt “filled in” on drums quite admirably on the still-evolving “Call Me Doctor”.  It’s looking more and more like it will actually keep that name.

We also ran through the usual batch of practice songs, which sound richer and fuller with the keyboards than they do without.  Whenever Dave’s not there, they feel incomplete, which lends credence to the idea that you can’t miss something you never had.  Of course, if that were really true, the lyrical content of our music would be vastly different to what it is.  But the real point I’m making here is that Dave is really an outstanding asset to the group.  He’s a sixth man in the best sense of the term.

Also, we’re still plugging away at Bobby Fischer, which is providing us with an excellent opportunity to dig up some old, unused lyrics.

In other news, Greek salad is great, we’re in the market for a Firewire recording interface, and a certain unsung member of our outfit is going to be getting a MySpace account.  Here’s a hint: he really enjoys Thai food and the Flaming Lips, and his least-favorite band is Coldplay.

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