Sound of Silence

slizzmonster (2 days ago)
and they wonder why people steal music…
NyRangersMessier11 (1 day ago)
So fucking dumb. It has been shown that when one hears music for free they are MORE apt to buy the product, not LESS. The movie industry has EXPLODED in this, the age of pirated videos and CD’s. Yet more people are going to the movies than ever. GET A FUCKING CLUE. FUCK THE OBSOLETE/RETARDED COPYRIGHT BULLSH*T
manuelalegre605 (15 hours ago)
Fuck you fucking fuckers. WMG idiots.
CranesAreFlying (10 minutes ago)
WMG. Give us an alternative bitches. Let me get this straight, I own all the records, so I’ve gotta go get my copy of Bona Drag and sync it to the video?

Like Pink Floyd and the Wizard of Oz? Fuck You.

No wonder Moz left your shithole label. Have fun going bankrupt you fucking Losers.
CranesAreFlying (4 seconds ago)
And no, don’t take the video down. Leave it up with no sound as a testament to how pigheaded and stupid Warner Music is. Again, no wonder he left you. You goddamned stupid Luddite pricks. Maybe if you had half a fucking brain you could keep decent talent on your roster and figure out a way to make money in a changing business environment. You stupid bloated reactionary hacks.

Readers Comments (1)

  1. Andrew says:

    It’s the internet. Everything is binary. Zeroes and ones. It sucks or it rules.