Songwriting Update: April 5, 2007

With Wednesday’s practice cancelled due to incliment weather, we all got together at Decent Rita last night and ran through the usual roster of songs.  We also got started on a new one, which is tentatively titled “Bobby Fischer”, which may well feature two drummers.  There might be some involvement with a drum machine, but it’s too soon to tell.  It sort of sounds like the spooky spy movie stuff that Radiohead was writing circa 1997.  Still a lot of work to be done, but it’s sounding very nice for something that came out of a quick jam.

We also played “Call Me Doctor” for the first time with Matt present.  At this point, the thinking is that Dave will be the drummer on that particular track, with Matt will be playing an instrument to be named later.  He played around with keyboards, percussion, and even playing some kind of secondary drum part.  Who knows, maybe he’ll pick up a guitar.  The beginnings of some lyrics for the chorus started to take shape, and even some more possibilities for a final title: “Harvard Square is Over”, “Go Home Again”, and “How it is Nowadays”.

Not bad for a Thursday.

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