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I Told You So!

I Told You So! thumbnail “HARVARD SQUARE IS OVER.” -Amanda Palmer, The Dresden Dolls There are a few last shreds of boho and charm hanging on for dear life (see Cafe Pamplona, Cafe Algiers, Oona’s, Cardullo’s), but the corporate takeover is pretty much complete. When you start chatting with traveling street performers worldwide and they all tell you that Harvard Square is offically stricken off the list, you know it’s so over. My sentiments exactly.  Don’t you fuckin’ call me Moonlight Graham.

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Endgame thumbnail http://bobbyfischer.net/bobby40.html The Soviets were not amused. They dismissed the young American upstart as nyekulturni-literally, “uncultured.” This wasn’t far from the truth, and Fischer knew it. He lacked education, and had always been insecure about this. His deficiency was particularly glaring now that most of

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Love Angel Music Baby

Love Angel Music Baby thumbnail Have you ever listened to Gwen Stefani’s “The Sweet Escape?”  I mean, like, really listened to it?

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