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Merry Whatever You Celebrate

Merry Whatever You Celebrate thumbnail Whilst enjoying your annual sacrificial offering to the gods of capital you might appreciate this video courtesy of Super Furry Animals: Also a great Hollabilly tune from the Manics downloadable for free off their website or their Myspace. ‘Tis the season to be stressed out and self-absorbed. Wishing you and yours the best, Voda

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Sando thumbnail Sand on, Sand off, Sandoval I am figuratively sanding beams in the “barn”.

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cobwebs and rodent filth

cobwebs and rodent filth thumbnail Yeah, that’s what I’m dealing with here in the barn. Cobwebs of old microphone and instrument cables, and actual mouse filth. I’m trying to get us to a point where we can record again, since our demos are as old as MacGyver.

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